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The Wessex Museums Partnership is seeking an Exhibition Concept Developer.


The Wessex Museums Partnership is a thriving consortium of the four principal museums across Dorset and Wiltshire that tell the stories of Wessex from prehistory to now, namely: Poole Museum, Dorset County Museum, The Salisbury Museum and Wiltshire Museum. Over 300,000 people visit the partner museums each year.
Our ambition is: to inspire more people to explore and enjoy the outstanding art and heritage of the region and to understand its significance to their lives. By sharing the amazing story of the region in new and exciting ways, we aim to make a major contribution to the cultural, social and tourism economies of Dorset and Wiltshire.
It is an exciting moment for the Wessex Museums Partnership as from April 2018, we are one of Arts Council England’s new National Portfolio Organisations. As such we have an ambitious programme to deliver over the next four years.
As part of our NPO programme, the partner museums will deliver a major exhibition on the life and work of Thomas Hardy in the summer of 2021. We wish to use the exhibition as a platform to engage more diverse audiences in Hardy’s life and work, and how it connects the history and context of the Wessex landscape. The exhibition will take place simultaneously in all four of the partner museums, telling different ‘chapters’ of a single narrative around Thomas Hardy. The exhibition will then tour a minimum of 4 venues nationally.
The Wessex Museums Partnership requires an experienced and innovative exhibition specialist to develop the concept of this important exhibition for the partnership.
Interested consultants are asked to submit a written proposal that includes:
 Written details of how you meet the criteria for selection and no more than two sides of A4 describing how you would undertake the work outlined above.
 Details of the individual/s who will work on the project along with their CVs.
 An outline of previous experience in this area of work and an example of this work.
 Two references.
 A breakdown of the fee linked to the activities required to deliver the brief, according to number days and daily rates.
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Please apply by 5pm on Wednesday, 27 February 2019 by email to:
Kristina Broughton, Wessex Museums Partnership Manager:
For further information about this opportunity, please contact:
Kristina Broughton, Wessex Museums Partnership Manager
(01202) 262611