Festival of Archaeology

Bringing the fascinating and famous to Salisbury, the Festival of Archaeology offers a unique weekend of heritage, archaeology and living history at Salisbury Museum. In the grounds, local archaeologist Dr Phil Harding will be trying to rediscover the museum’s long-lost gatehouse, following up on a recent geophysical survey. The showground of living history outside will include the chance to try out real bows and arrows, meet the Romans and take part in a huge range of hands on activities. The Maritime Archaeology Trust will also be bringing their show bus to the museum for the first time. In the museum hall, speakers including Jeremy Deller, Alex Langlands, Phil Harding and Francis Pryor, will be enthralling, with topics as diverse as representing Britain at the Venice Biennale, the Stonehenge landscape, Glastonbury Abbey and the lost city of Old Sarum.
The full programme of talks and lectures can be booked seen on the events pages and booked here