Salisbury Gallery Fundraising Campaign Launch

Find out how you can help us reach our target...


We have recently resubmitted a major bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for £3.2 million to complete the much needed transformation of our Salisbury history galleries, to restore The King’s House and to launch a programme of learning and community activities to build and grow our audiences.


The project will cost £4.4 million and the museum needs to raise £1.2 million towards this. One way we can close the funding gap is through your support. It would give a clear signal to the HLF that we have great support at a time when the museum and our city are really struggling with the uncertainties arising from recent events.


Of course there is no guarantee of success with the HLF but there is one absolute certainty: our Salisbury history galleries urgently need regeneration. The new Wessex gallery completed in 2014 has significantly raised the standard of our permanent displays, but has created a disjointed visitor experience. It is vital that we create compelling and accessible galleries for our nationally important collections covering the 800 year history of our city.


The HLF will make their decision about the bid in mid - December 2018 so it is essential that we address the funding gap now. Funds donated will either be used towards the HLF bid or, if we should fail, put in The Salisbury Gallery Fund set aside for the re-development of the Salisbury history galleries.


Whatever outcome the HLF result brings, your donation will underpin the continuing evolution of The King’s House. Thank you!