Adopt an Object

Every item in our collection requires tender loving care. That may mean conservation, restoration, storage, specialist mounts, display cases or display graphics. All these things require specialists to work on them and time and money to complete. To start 2016, we are relaunching the Adopt an Object Scheme. This scheme offers our members the opportunity to play a part in the care of our fascinating collections. By choosing an object and adopting it for a 2 year period, you will become part of the story of that object. We will let you know if it is moved, redisplayed, loaned out or put in storage. Your name will be placed beside the object when it is on display.

We do hope that you will become part of this incentive to raise funds to help keep our collections in the best condition possible. There are 40 objects which can be adopted for a minimum donation of £100 and 10 star objects below in bold with a minimum donation of £250. Of course if there is an object you love but it is not on the list please let us know. The objects are listed below. Please contact Sara Willis at for further information.

1. Stonehenge by JMW Turner
2. The Salisbury Giant and Hob Nob
3. Panoramic View of Salisbury from the North East
4. Rex Whistler’s paintings of Wilton (5 pictures)
5. Great bustards
6. Warminster jewel
7. Amesbury archer
8. Jadeite axehead from the Alps
9. Monkton Deverill torc and palstave axe (adopted)
10. Stonehenge gneiss macehead
11. Lady Chapel and Choir by JMW Turner
12. Salisbury Cathedral North Porch by JMW Turner
13. Salisbury Cathedral North Transcept by JMW Turner
14. Distant View of Salisbury from Old Sarum by JMW Turner
15. The Swallowcliffe mount
16. Chess king from Ivy Street
17. Mrs Ridout and the Coombe Express by Frank Brooks
18. Redlynch quilt
19. Hindon hoard
20. Old Sarum kettle
21. Wedgwood ‘Frog’ plate
22. Wardour hoard
23. Five senses Bow porcelain (5 objects)
24. Verwood pottery
25. Bowerchalke Roman jewellery and coin hoard
26. Richard Parrett Pistols
27. Stumpwork mirror frame depicting Charles II
28. Uniform of Captain John Swayne
29. Shoehorn by Robert Mindun
30. Benjamin Banks violin
31. Laurence Whistler glass
32. Embroidered man’s silk waistcoat c1775
33. Limoges crucifix, 13th century
34. Stonework from Old Sarum
35. Saxon finds from Mere
36. Downton mosaic
37. Brixton Deverill Hoard
38. Shrewton beaker burial
39. Skeleton from Stonehenge
40. A Pitt Rivers contour model
41. Pitt-Rivers craniometer
42. Wilton hanging bowl
43. Bowerchalke gold coin hoard
44. Mammoth tooth
45. Boles Barrow bluestone
46. Fovant sword
47. Easton Down dog skeleton
48. Amesbury sarcophagus
49. Tisbury Iron Age stater hoard
50. Boscombe Bowmen beaker pots