cARTes postales

'Latch' by Antony Gormley

In an innovative partnership The Friends of Erlestoke Prison and The Salisbury Museum collaborated to raise money for two important projects. This fundraising initiative was called cARTes postales - art on postcards.

Our sincere thanks to the distinguished array of artists, writers, actors and musicians and other talented people, who generously agreed to create a unique artwork on a postcard and these include:

Alan Paul Jeans, Alex Waterlow, Alice Mackenzie-Charrington, Alison Bolton, Alison Cooper, Alison Richards, Alison Snelgar, Almuth Tebbenhoff, Alwyn Jennings Bramley, Aly Storey, Amanda Ralfe, Angela Hudson- Evans, Angus Stirling, Anita Townsend, Ann Hambly, Ann Philp, Ann. L. Cocking, Reverend, Anna Bromiley, Anna Redwood, Annabel Gunter

Anneliese Hanbury-Tracy, Anni Crook, Anthony Whelan, Antony Gormley

Barbara Slade, Bill Woodrow, Brian Graham, Brian Plummer, Briony Catlin, Bryn Parry

Caroline Hawkey, Caroline Paterson, Caroline Waldman, Charles Church, Charles Copper, Charlie James, Charlie Simms, Christopher Miles, Christopher Tunnard, Clare Spender, Cliff Topping

David Begbie, David Cobley, David Inshaw, David Part, David Scully, Diana Roberts, Dierdre Guy, Dina Southwell, Dora Qiu, Dr Margaret Gill, Dugald Graham-Campbell

Elizabeth Boundy, Elizabeth Frearson, Elizabeth Hobbs, Elizabeth Krajicek, Elizabeth Petrie, Elizabeth Scrivener, Elsa Parker, Emma Jelf, Emma Johnson, Emma Stibbon RA, Endellion Lycett Green

Faye Fowler, Fiona Hackman, Flora Blackett, Freya Wood

Gabrielle Tait, Gail Lacey, Gareth Reid, Geordie Petrie, George Lees-O'Neill, Gerry Blundell, Gigi Lane, Gill Lucas, Gillian Pugh, Gordon D. Blagbrough

Harry Yeatman-Biggs, Hatty Hillier, Helen Pemberton Helen Sinclair, Hilary Jeffrey, Honor Baines, Hugh Dumas

Ian Weatherhead

James Bull, Jane Elizabeth Barne (nee Nicholas), Jane Foley, Jane Fox, Jane Rowe, Janet Parkes, Janette Harding, Jean Pike, Jean Pook, Jeanette Smith, Jemima Nielson, Jemma Phipps, Jennifer Monds, Jeremy Ames, Jess Arthur, Jess Arthur, Jill Boggis, Jo Sweeting, Joao Simoes-Brown, Johannes Von Stumm, John Eldridge, John Jones, Johnnie Walker, Jonathan Pugh, Jonathan Wansey, Joy Hillyer, Judith Viney, Julie Myerson

K. Lees, Kate Blackford, Kate Petrie, Katherine Hawkings, Katherine Shock, Katherine Swinfen Eady, Kitty Wass, Kulbinder Johal

Lady Redwood, Laura Bell, Lesley Heslop, Levi Overvest, Lily Robyns, Liz Graydon, Liza Morgan, Louise Tunnard , Lucianne Lassalle, Lucy Caruth, Lucy Erskine, Luke Martineau, Lyn Constable Maxwell, Lynne Allenby, Lynne Cameron

Maisie Mitchell, Marco Riosa, Margaret A. Plant, Margaret Carpenter Arnett, Margaret Kilgour, Margaret Matthews, Marika Hackman, Marilyn Harris, Marion Eastwood, Marion Gordon-Finlayson, Marion Lewis, Marissa Weatherhead, Martin Yeoman, Mary Morgan Morton, Maureen Hinton, Maureen Hughes, Melissa Curry, Merilyn Cooper, Michael Cowley, Mick Hanlon, Miriam Bennett, Mo Morgan

Nancy Corkish, Nichola Hooper, Nick Andrew, Nicola Goodson-Wickes, Nina Johnsen, Nina Waterlow, Norman Parker

Oscar Danby

P.S. Aikenhead, Pat Hendy, Pat Stacpoole, Patricia Low, Patricia Volk, Paul Jones, Paul Kidby , Paul Tanner, Pauline Scott-Garrett, Philip McRedmond, Philip Mould, Philippa Bambach, Phillip Hughes, Prue Swindells

Rebecca Newnham, Rebecca Wilkinson, Revd. Robert L. Raikes, Richard Cole, Richard Day, Richard Deacon, Richard Radevsky, Richard Robjent, Robina Hattersley,

Roderick Booth-Jones, Roger Swan, Rose Byng, Rosie Bromiley, Rosie Lewis, Ruth Wintle

Sadie Hennessy, Sally Acloque, Sally Burch, Sally Firino, Sally McLaren, Sally O'Neill, Sarah Coate, Sarah Pickstone, Sarah Richardson, Sarah Troughton, Sarah Whitfield, Sean Ashton, Sean O'Neill, Serena Nickson, Sherie Williams Ellen, Shirley Hatt, Siegfried Johnson, Simon Periton, Sonia Buxton, Sophia Sample, Sophie Hacker, Sophie Ryder, Steve Wright, Sue Martin, Susanna Bailey, Suzy Miles

Tana Knyvett, Terry Ryall, Theo Platt, Tia Southwell, Tim Chadsey, Tim Scott Bolton

Tim Weatherhead, Tony Robinson

Val Uden,Venetia Rose Freyberg, Vincent Stokes

Wendy Weston

Zara Nerschoyle

and prisoners from HMP Erlestoke


Alongside the cARTes postales campaign, a charity art auction was held on 25 October with art and sculpture generously donated by:

Anna Bromiley, Dugald Graham-Campbell, Ian Weatherhead, Katherine Swinfen Eady, Lucianne Lassalle, Martin Clunes, New Art Centre (Barry Flanagan), Paul Jones, Peter Randall-Page RA, Suzy Miles, Will Spankie and The Longford Estate who generously donated a day’s fishing.


A total of over £13,750 has been raised so far, but if you wish to add to this sum, please see the link below. Your donation would be very much appreciated by both the charities.


How will the funds be used?

The Friends of Erlestoke Prison aim to raise £500,000 to fund an all-weather sports pitch within the prison grounds. There is no facility of this kind at present. CARTes Postales will, we hope, make a major contribution to this important project. It has the mental and physical wellbeing of the prisoners at its heart, with a view to their rehabilitation.

The Salisbury Museum is an independent charity, which uses its outstanding collections of art, archaeology, costume and social history to encourage learning, inspiration and enjoyment for all. The money raised will support the museum on its journey towards securing a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. This project will complete the much needed transformation of our Salisbury history galleries, restore our medieval home and launch a programme of learning and community activities to build and grow our audiences.

Both charities thank everyone who has supported this fundraising initiative and all contributions are very much appreciated.