Wessex Plinth: Leaf Man by Laurence Edwards

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 to Thursday, July 18, 2019

Booking: No booking required.

Free to view outside the museum

In partnership with Messums, Wiltshire, we welcome a new sculpture to the ‘Wessex Plinth’ at the front of the museum. Leaf Man by Laurence Edwards, embodies Laurence’s fascination with the human tussle with the landscape.

Laurence Edwards is one of the few sculptors in the world who casts their own work: it is a complex process often referred to as ‘lost wax’. To make his figures, Laurence first works in clay and these are then transferred into a wax version by way of a latex shell and it is at this point, when most sculptors stop, that he begins again. Wax, often recycled from previous works, wood, grass, leaves and branches are all used in the continued modelling process, which is then encased in plaster before being burnt out with molten metal. It is a technique that creates a work of art and destroys one in the process.

The finished work reveals man’s deep connection to the landscape as it emerges to find its form. A deep connection echoed inside the museum in the Wessex Gallery and revealed within the collections of archaeology.

Born in 1967 and based in Suffolk, Laurence Edwards trained at Canterbury College of Art and then the Royal College of Art. He has studios in Butley and Saxmundham, Suffolk. Messums Wiltshire was set up in 2016 by Johnny Messum, a pioneering arts centre in the largest tithe barn in the United Kingdom.