Hunter Gatherers of the Old Forest: Evidence of pre-farming communities in the New Forest

Tuesday, April 14, 2009 - 19:30

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A lecture by Stephen Moody, Avon Valley Archaeological Society.

This lecture starts with a look at the archaeology of the New Forest in general and moves on to discuss Post Glacial Britain and the Mesolithic hunter fisher gatherer people and their ever changing environment.

The geology and the gradual reforestation in the wake of the shrinking ice sheets along with marine transgression set the scene. Mesolithic activity in Britain, Europe and beyond is discussed with its relevance to the communities living in the Hampshire basin, later to become The New Forest. The possible flora, fauna and raw materials that would have been available to these pre-farming people is explored as are the settlement sites and insights into their cultural practices. Finally a selection of new forest sites will be discussed with details of their Mesolithic stone tool assemblages from the forest and a site situated on the edge of the Avon valley.

A lecture in the Museum's Archaeology Lecture Series, which take place on the second Tuesday of the months September to April inclusive.

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