New light on Stonehenge

New light on Stonehenge Image credit : Adam Stanford of Aerial-Cam

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 19:00

Booking: Booking required. Please contact the museum.

A talk by Professor Mike Parker-Pearson, University of Sheffield. This lecture will present new findings by the 'Feeding Stonehenge' project about the people who built Stonehenge, and about the sources of its stones in Wales and north Wiltshire. It will examine the latest theories about when and why Stonehenge was built, and will present new discoveries from Wales as well as the Stonehenge area.

Prof. Mike Parker-Pearson is leader of the Stonehenge Riverside Project and author of Stonehenge: exploring the greatest Stone Age mystery, published by Simon & Schuster in June 2012.

7.00 pm refreshments, 7.30 pm lecture. Please note this lecture is at the Guildhall (Market Square) not the Museum. A lecture in the Salisbury Museum Archaeology Lectures (SMAL) series. SMAL lectures are held on the second Tuesday of each month from September to April. Please note earlier start time for this particular lecture. This particular lecture requires booking.

This is a fundraising event.